The Widick Family

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bunny Hunt

We have a big, brown bunny living in our yard! One day last week as I was walking up the ramp to our back door, a huge rabbit ran out from under our deck and into the bushes across the yard. It scared me at first, but once I realized what it was I couldn't wait to tell Josie about it. I honestly thought we'd probably never see it again.
Well....apparently he's pretty comfortable with us. Later that afternoon, Josie and I stood at the back door and watched him munch on clover. Later that night, he laid out in the grass as Josie tip-toed outside to tell him "night-night". We didn't see him for several days and I worried that maybe something happened to him (or her! maybe we'll have baby bunnies soon!). But I saw him again last night. So this morning, Josie and I threw some carrots out in the yard. Then this afternoon, Josie and I actually went outside and stood on the porch and watched him for several minutes. I took these pictures with my phone.
It's just so fun to have a bunny....especially at this time of the year!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spirited Art

Several weeks ago, my mom, sister, Josie, and I started making plans for a "girls" weekend. For one of our activities, my sister Leah suggested we go to a paint class at Spirited Art. We had a similar studio close to our house in Houston, but I never had the opportunity to try it. So, I was super excited about going! It's basically a painting class, where they walk you through a painting, step-by-step. You can bring in any food or drinks you want (we took Starbucks). This particular class was PACKED with people. There were probably 40 or so people in there....both men and women. Our painting for the evening was "Water Lilies" by Monet. We had a really good time and are very proud of our finished products! This is definitely something I want to do again.....just need to find a place in Nashville.