The Widick Family

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby Shower Ideas and Crafts

Yesterday I helped to host a baby shower for a sweet couple at church, Kathryn and Clayton and their sweet girl-on-the-way, Alexa. Lane married Kathryn and Clayton a couple of years ago, they've been great babysitters for us, and now they are having their first baby! So, I wanted the shower to be special.
I've been wanting to try making a watermelon carriage for a while now. (The last baby shower we had, watermelons were out of season....even in Houston.) It took me longer than it probably should have because I was so scared of messing it up! I probably worked on it for about an hour. But honestly, the hardest part was getting all of the watermelon out of the rind. Then I just carved a scalloped design around the edges I'd cut. It turned out really cute! While I was working on it, Josie asked me if she rode in it when she was a baby. Then she asked me if she could ride in it now. Then she asked me if her baby could ride in it, too. The answer to her questions was "no, Josie", but she did get to eat some watermelon. :-)
I also combined a few ideas I found while browsing on baby shower websites to make Alexa a hairbow holder/ blessing board. I painted a pre-cut board and hot glued ribbon on it to make a hair bow holder. At the shower, we passed out cute paper for everyone to write a prayer or blessing on. Then they clipped them to the hairbow holder. I also gave Kathryn a small photo album to save the prayer/blessing cards in when she takes them down to use the hairbow holder for actual hairbows. This turned out SUPER cute! I will definitely use this idea at every shower I host from now on (for girls, anyway...).

Friday, July 15, 2011

I love this song!!!

This song caught my attention the other day when I heard the words to the first verse. I know we all have doubts sometimes about our "place" in life. Sometimes life seems so monotonous with the little things that we do day in/day out. I feel like the culture we live in doesn't appreciate my "job", since I don't have a thriving, important career. So, I have to remind myself that my job really is THE most important job. And every little thing that I do is not only loved and appreciated by God, but it is also watched and observed by little eyes.
So....thank you, Steven Curtis Chapman, for your words of encouragement and this catchy tune that's been in my head all day. :-)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday U.S.A.!!!!

Happy 4th of July!
We celebrated our nation's birthday this year by making a couple of crafts. We made a red, white & blue wreath with Josie's handprints. We also made a stained-glass star. To make the stained-glass effect, I had Josie color with red and blue crayons on plain white paper. Then we used a cotton ball to rub cooking oil over the paper, which made it see-through. Then we glued the "glass" between 2 pieces of construction paper with a star cut in the middle. Both projects turned out very cute!

We also made a flag cake. I used a Hungry Girl recipe to make the cake. It's just a box of extra-moist chocolate cake mix and a can of cherry coke zero. We used cool whip for icing and then used blueberries and strawberries to make an American flag. It tastes sooooo good!!!! Very light and refreshing! :-) Plus, we had fun making it, too! Yummy!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Splash Day at the Mall

Today we went to the outdoor mall in Pearland to play at the splash pad. There's also a little fountain about 8 inches deep. I think they liked "the pond" more than they cared for the sprayers splashing up from the ground. After we ate our snack, our friends, the Fryer's, showed up. So then we got to play some with them. They all had a great time playing in the water!

You can't really tell by the picture, but Josie and Nathan are
holding hands as they walk into the water. So sweet!!!!

Snack time in the shade