The Widick Family

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Wonder Pets: Save Josie's Birthday!!!

Josie and I flew home last weekend to visit with family for her birthday. I was nervous about flying with her by myself. This was the last time she could fly for free....just barely under age 2. We lucked out and both going and coming home, neither flight was full. So not only did she get her own seat, but no one wanted to sit with us so we had a whole row to ourselves! You'd have thought Josie was a princess with all the special attention from the flight attendants and all the "special" new toys I had brought along. Both flights were very pleasant and she really enjoyed flying! Too bad it'll be a long time before she'll fly again since now we have to pay for her a seat, too! (well....starting on Thursday!)
We stayed with my parents, "Nana and Papa" and got to spend time with both sets of my grandparents, "Granny & Pa" and "Grandma & Grandpa." We did some shopping and running around. I got to eat a BBQ Chicken potato at Bob Gibson's---it was sooo yummy!!! BBQ in Texas is just different! At the mall, Josie got to ride the carousel with Papa. We're not sure which one had the most fun....

On Saturday, Aunt Leah and Uncle Philip came to spend the night and go to church with us. Aunt Leah helped me make the fabulous Wonder Pets cake. This thing was a disaster from the beginning! We made it with super-moist cake, which made it super delicious. But the humidity both from the cake and North Alabama climate had the icing sliding off the cake faster than we could get it decorated! This also made the top layer of cake start splitting in half, right down the middle! I had planned on putting some of Josie's Wonder Pets figurine toys on top, and they just kept falling over. We finally got it all finished enough to take some pictures, then took the figurines off to put back on right before she blew out the candles. It turned out pretty cute!
We had the birthday party Sunday after church. Lane's family was able to come--his parents, and both his brother and sister and their families. We had hamburgers and hotdogs...then cake and ice cream and Josie opened a few presents.
It was so good to see everyone and spend some time together!!! I don't think we've every seen so many different people in one trip. Seems like somehow we worked everyone in! Josie and I both were worn out!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Little Mama

This morning while I was typing an email to Lane, Josie was playing in her room. I got a little nervous when I noticed that it was very quiet.....which usually means she's into something she shouldn't be. About the time I finished the email, she came into the living room carrying her baby, one of her diapers, and a disposable changing pad she had gotten off her changing table. So, we laid the changing pad out on the couch, and I showed her how to put the diaper on her baby. Once the clean diaper was on, she put her baby to sleep by wagging her finger in its face and saying "close your eyes!!!!" Then she "patted" it three times, not very gently.
It was soooo funny!!! Obviously, she's heard me tell her to "close your eyes!!!" But sometimes I wonder where she gets her "motherly" nature. I never showed her how to carry her baby or love on it, but she certainly knows how! I was a tomboy and never really played with dolls. But I love my little girly-girl! She's so sweet!
Now she has her baby sitting in the front of her grocery cart. I guess they're going to the store!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Diaper Cake

We had a baby shower at church this past weekend. My friend, Melinda, and I put together a diaper cake. This was my first one, and I was very proud of how it turned out----and it was so easy!!! The family is having a boy and have a "farm" theme in the nursery. I found the cutest ribbon at Michael's that had cows and pigs saying "moo!" and "oink!" on it. It was a tough choice between the chicken or a pig to go on top, but Josie helped us pick the chicken. I think it works.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our New 'Fridge!

So, LAST Thursday night, I went to get some ice cream after I finally got Josie settled in bed. I noticed it was a little soft, but I figured I hadn't closed the door good earlier. Friday morning I went to get Josie a waffle for breakfast, and they were completely thawed--as were several other things towards the front of my freezer! By Saturday afternoon, neither the 'fridge or freezer were even remotely cold. I had to throw everything away which seemed like such a huge waste of money, but there was nothing I could do about it.

I got some ice so I could keep milk for Josie in a cooler, and began refrigerator shopping. Usually when we make a major purchase like this, Lane researches things for weeks and reads all kind of reviews on it. Well, that was out of the question and this was an emergency! I began scouring websites for something that would fit in our space. I had room for 68" under our cabinet, but most 'fridges are 69-70". I didn't really want another side-by-side because I HATED the one I had. The 'fridge side wasn't so bad, but I complained all the time about the freezer. It was probably only 7 or 8 inches wide, so it was very difficult to fit things in there. Last summer I made a frozen dessert, got it all made and put together....only to discover the pan wouldn't fit in my freezer. ARGGG!!!!

I only had two options for what would fit in our space. I finally found one with a bottom freezer that I really, really liked. Was it worth the extra money to get what I really wanted (and something better!), or should I just settle and get basically what I already had??? I finally decided that either way, I was going to have to spend a chunk of money, so I might as well get what I wanted.....SO I DID!!!!!! And I LOVE it!!!! Seriously----I love this refrigerator! Granted, it was just delivered yesterday, and I just went to the store to "restock" this morning. But I love it!!!!
The refrigerator part has a compartment for everything! The "gallon" bins in the door are easily accessible. The deli drawer can be set to extra cold. There's a special spot for Lane's Diet Dr. Peppers! There's also a water filter on the inside (which was a must-have for us!)
Still looks a little barren, I know!
The freezer is a pull out drawer with an ice-maker. When you pull it out, there's a big basket/bin all the way across. Then there are 2 more drawers you can pull out over that one. So easy to organize! The big pull-out drawer will be perfect for frozen pizzas!
After going a week without a 'fridge, I am VERY thankful for this guy!