The Widick Family

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Josie!

Lane's parents came to visit for the long Memorial day weekend and Josie's birthday party. They left Tennessee on Wednesday night and planned to spend the night at a hotel in Birmingham, then finish the trip to Houston on Thursday. Well, as they were approaching their exit in Birmingham, the transmission in their car went out. They spent most of Thursday morning at a Honda dealer (they also drove a CR-V), and ended up buying a new car in order to get to Houston. They finally made it to our house at about 11 on Thursday night.
Friday was Josie's "official" birthday, so we all went to the Houston Children's Museum. We had never been before, and I must say I was a little bit disappointed. The Museum really is awesome, there just wasn't much for Josie's age group. You had to be under 35 months to get into the Tot Spot, and several other activities were ages 5 and up. There was nothing specifically for the 3-5 crowd. She loved playing in the giant water table outside. She also loved the grocery store and the "cafe" in Kidtropolis. She had fun pushing buttons and playing throughout the museum, she just didn't "get" all of it. It was fun, but we probably won't go back until she's a little older.
We had Josie's birthday party with all of her friends on Saturday. She decided several weeks ago that she wanted to have a tea party. At the party we decorated sugar cookies and made a cardboard teapot craft. We ran an obstacle course and played a "Paper Wars" game outside. The big hit outside was the sandbox. All 5 of the kids crowded around it.
After crafts and games, we had a "tea party" lunch of sandwiches (cut into teapot shapes, of course), fruit, veggies & dip, pasta salad, & Goldfish. Then we sang "Happy Birthday" and Josie blew out the candles on her tea pot cake (which I made!). Then we opened presents, which is always fun. The kids all got sunglasses and bubble wands as "favors."
I think my favorite part of the party was before everyone left, we tried to get a picture of all the kids sitting together. It was hilarious to try to get 5 kids (the oldest one now 3) to sit still and look in the same direction.
It was a great day and Josie had a very happy birthday!
(To see more pictures, be sure to look at my or Lane's Facebook page.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My New Car!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, the air went out in my Honda CR-V.....again. It was still covered under warranty (since it just happened last fall!). So, at least we didn't have to pay anything. It just seems like this particular car had been in and out of the shop for various reasons since we got it (about 3 years ago). Lane said this was the final straw and immediately started looking for something else for me to drive. I was a little nervous because his argument about needing something either bigger OR with better gas mileage made a lot of sense. As much as I loved my CR-V, it was lacking in both of these areas. (This was actually my 2nd CR-V. I had a blue one that I got in college before we later got the white one. )
Being the "practical" one, Lane was all concerned about gas mileage and mechanical workings. My questions were: "What color is it?" and "Is there a spot for my purse??"
We had looked at Toyota Highlanders in the past and knew they were great cars....just didn't think we'd ever afford one. So, when this deal came up Lane jumped on it. He went and test drove it and traded in my CR-V....and I never got to officially see the Highlander until it was all said and done and the papers were signed. I have a WONDERFUL husband who knows me incredibly well. So, I had no problem trusting him to know what I like/don't like and what's right for our family. He surprised me yesterday afternoon by showing up at work in it (I just assumed I'd see it when we got home.) It drives great, I love the light-olive color, and this is my first car with leather seats! Plus, we were able to put a little bit of money down with the trade in, so still no car payment! Nice!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Little "Mommy"

Sunday morning after I got Josie dressed, I let her go play so I could finish getting ready for church. This is what I found her doing....
She had laid out pretty much every single baby that she has in a single row and had "put them to bed". Not sure if she was running an orphanage or a day care....but regardless, it was cute! She had also given them all names. My little girly-girl is so precious!

Zz is for Zoo

Since last fall, we've been studying one letter of the alphabet each week. We finished up with the letter Zz last week, so as a reward we went to the zoo on Friday. Yes, I took 3 kids by myself (all under the age of 3)...and no, I'm not crazy. As we were walking through the gate, there was a lady in front of us with 5 little ones by herself--that's crazy!
The kids were absolutely fantastic and we had a great time! The pictures, however, are not great. Apparently they had all conspired together to not look at the camera. But these at least prove that we were there! :-)

We're more interested in watching the baby elephant eat his straw than
having our picture made with it.

Snack time with the giraffes!

Getting out some energy on the playground


In front of the lions. ROAR!!!!

Shhh!!! Daddy lion is sleeping!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Birthday Party Crashers

Today we went for our customary walk to the nearby neighborhood playground. There's a pavilion beside the playground, but usually no one is there. As we approached, it appeared there was some sort of birthday party going on today. Minding our own business, we went straight to the playground, unloaded, and headed for the swings. Some of the little girls at the party came over and played with us. We were just being friendly...sharing the swings and taking turns on the slide. Before I realized it, Josie and the twins were in line to take a shot beating the pinata. The party was a small get-together a fellow nanny was having for the baby she keeps who was turning 1 (who slept in the stroller the whole time. I never saw the "birthday girl".) As we were leaving to head home for lunch, they gave us party horns, juice boxes, and goody bags. I think tomorrow we'll hit up Chucky Cheese and see what we can score for free there. ;-)

Our "loot" from the party