The Widick Family

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Lots of Love" Granny

Last Monday night my dad called and said that Granny had a stroke and was in the hospital. It was not looking good. Granny & Pa had gone out to dinner with her sister, Dorothy and her husband. They were laughing and having a good time. Granny suddenly felt "dizzy" and laid her head on Pa's shoulder. She fell asleep and never woke up. Apparently, blood was pooling at the base of her brain. On Tuesday morning, at 73 years old and surrounded by her husband, children, and siblings...Granny went home to see Jesus.
It's really hard to believe that it's been an entire week since Granny went to be with Jesus. The past week has been such a whirlwind of emotions.
These are a few of my favorite Granny memories:
  • Granny never EVER began a day of shopping without first getting a Hardee's biscuit.
  • Each year, our birthday cards were typically a few days late and signed, "lots of love, Always Late Granny".
  • Granny loved a good bargain. She could look at a clearance rack for what seemed like forever, and then walk away empty-handed.
  • When we were little, Granny & Pa loved to take us fishing. One day my sister, Leah, threw her whole rod in the lake because her baited cricket touched her. Granny loved retelling a funny story.
  • I was baptized by Pa at Granny & Pa's church in Tallassee, AL.
  • Granny was always easy-going. I don't remember her ever arguing with anyone about anything.
  • At holiday get-togethers, we'd stay up playing the domino game "Chicken-Foot". Granny and Mama Stiff (her mom) always played with us.
  • Granny was always careful not to have a "favorite." So, at Christmas we all got the same things in different colors. You were lucky if you got to open yours first so you'd be surprised.
  • Lane and I have a pretty unusual last name. It took Granny a while to get it right after we got married. I remember getting a card to "Lane and Kristen Widdrick" once.
  • I will forever be thankful of the day that Josie and I got to spend with Granny & Pa back in May. Lane was in China, and we had flown to Hartselle for Josie's birthday party. Before anyone else got there, Josie and I got to spend an entire day with Granny & Pa (and my Mom and Dad.) Granny was so proud of Josie! I'm glad they got to spend that time together! It makes me sad to think Josie will probably not remember her.
That's all I can think of for now. But I'm sure I will add to the list later as I think of other things I will miss about her. She was a tremendously special lady. I will forever be grateful for all of the things she taught me---but especially her love for the Lord that she handed down to my mom, who handed it down to me. She and Pa began a legacy of Christianity in our family. Even though I'm excited for her that she's now with Jesus, and Poppy and Mama Stiff and Terry.....I'm still going to miss her a lot.
I will always think of her with "lots of love."

Monday, August 16, 2010


I tried my hand at sewing and learned I am far from an accomplished seamstress. However, I've already washed this and it didn't fall apart in the washing that's got to stand for something! I bought the shirt and appliqued the J on it, then made the pants with the same fabric. At one point I had one of the legs sewed to the other one inside out. I had to rip out several seams and start over several times. My stitching is a little crooked. But I'm just proud that I finished them. I've made curtains before, but this was my first attempt at an actual pattern. For my first time, I say not too bad!
She did NOT want her picture taken....can you tell?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Dentist

Yesterday I had to go to the dentist to have a crown replaced. While in the chair, I was thinking about how really violating it is to go to the dentist. At least when you go to any other doctor, you have your own room, and they close the door. They usually give you a paper gown or paper blanket to cover yourself with....helping you have some sort of privacy. Not so at the dentist. You can have 2-3 people poking around with your mouth wide open for all the world to see. Not only that, but then there's the continual water sprayer and vacuum going on in your mouth. It's just very invading. I know it all needs to be done, and dentistry has come a long way in making procedures more comfortable for patients. But still....It's not one of my most favorite activities.
So, I was really worried about Josie's first dental appointment and how she was going to handle it. I think next time, I'll go to a pediatric dentist. It was much more fun! The minute we walked in, she LOVED the waiting room with all the toys. Then they took her back and got her all settled in her chair. They gave her pretty pink flower sunglasses to wear (I got sunglasses, too, but mine were ugly "scientist" looking glasses). Then she got her own mirror to hold. She was not a fan of the girl cleaning her teeth (with the rotating drill thingy), but who is??? She got 2 Elmo stickers for being good and a No Cavities Club sticker. She had yummy bubblegum flouride painted on her teeth. Dr. Delclos (highly recommended to anyone in our area...he was great!!) said her teeth look fantastic! She still has 2 molars coming in on top. We're doing a great job of consistently brushing her teeth every night, no need to floss right now, and she can keep her paci!!!! Then Josie got to go to the toy box where she picked a beautiful yellow beaded necklace, a matching yellow bracelet, and a lovely mini rubber ducky. She did cry, but was easily comforted when everyone was done looking in her mouth. Overall, for her first visit, I'd say she did pretty awesome!