The Widick Family

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tree of Thanks

We initiated a new Thanksgiving tradition this year, a Tree of Thanks.  Lane made fun of me for going into the back yard, picking up some sticks, putting them in a vase, tying a ribbon on it and calling it pretty.  He's right---probably no other time of the year could I do that and be right.  But that's what Josie and I did.  Once our "tree" was put together, I printed out slips of paper that said "I'm thankful for...".  Each day, we would all write down one thing we were thankful for and hang it on our tree.  Josie was REALLY into this!  She reminded me on days I forgot about it, and she wrote down her things by herself (as I told her what letters to write).  We will definitely continue this Thanksgiving tradition.  It was so easy and simple, but such a great way to make us daily think about just how much God has blessed us!

Friday, November 23, 2012


This year for Thanksgiving we were blessed to spend some time with my family in Gatlinburg, TN.   We got to spend a day in Cade's Cove, where I had my first black bear sighting.  I've been to Gatlinburg dozens of times, but this was the first wild bear I've ever seen.  It was eating under a tree out in an open field.  The traffic back-up was very exciting--especially when some morons starting walking out across the field towards it.  Luckily, we didn't see anyone get mauled.
The next day was Thanksgiving.  We spent the morning at the indoor water park at our resort (which Josie LOVED!!!).  Then more family came in from other resorts for our big Thanksgiving meal--my parents, Leah & Philip, Grandma & Grandpa, David & Gail, Michael & Mindy and all the kids that go with them!  It was a crowd and a tight squeeze!  While we were eating, we spotted ANOTHER bear--this time right off the balcony of our room!  Some people in the next building were feeding it from their balcony.  On Friday, Mom and Dad went with us to hike the Laurel Falls trail.  Josie loved seeing the beautiful water fall.  We stopped for a picnic lunch (in keeping with all Sims family picnics, it was cold and definitely sprinkling, almost raining) before heading home.
It was a really enjoyable trip--all 3 of us had a great time!
We are so blessed!!!

Cade's Cove

Our first black bear sighting

Josie's "bear" pancakes at the Pancake Pantry
Downtown Gatlinburg

Josie and cousin Lily
The bear outside our condo
Hiking to Laurel Falls

Great Smokey Mountains
Picnic in the cold

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Beautiful Trees!

 Today on our way home from school, I pulled into the subdivision and thought "Oh, what pretty trees!  Wait a minute.....those are OUR trees!!!!!"
We've been waiting for weeks now for our trees to change color.  The neighbors' trees changed a couple of weeks ago.  I don't know why these are behind schedule, but it was worth the wait.  
God is so creative to come up with such beautiful Fall colors!  So pretty!!!