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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Preschool Theme: Snowmen!

The most important thing going on for us lately is that I am officially back in the working world!  January 7th was my first day teaching at Children's Christian Center at West End Church of Christ.  I absolutely love teaching preschool and am excited to be back!  I really enjoy researching and finding new ideas and crafts.  So, from now on I'll be posting some of the themes and activities that we do with my class.
Our theme for last week was "Snowmen."  I filled 3 balloons with water (this was a humorous process given that I let it slip off the faucet a couple of times.  Ooops!) and put them in the freezer overnight.  During group time, we stacked the ice "blocks" to build a snowman.  The kids got to help decorate him with felt eyes, mouth, nose, buttons, and scarf pieces.  Then, we made a graph of how many days each child thought it would take for our snowman to melt.

 We also made these cute snowmen with styrofoam cups. 

This is a math game that we played.  The snowman has a pocket on his belly that the numbered snowballs go into.
We played two different ways:
1.)  I laid the numbers all out and called on students to come find a certain number to put in the pocket.
2.)  I handed out numbers to the students and had them listen for me to call their number to put into the pocket.
Sorry -- I couldn't get this picture to rotate.
This is a Build-a-Snowman game that we played as a group.
The students took turns rolling a dice to see what piece they got to put on the snowman.  

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